Planet Urff

Guest post by Alexander Cherny

** Puddles **

Pud.  Dulls.  Puddles.

You’re walking in the woods and the path gets muddy and then there’s water pooled ahead.  That’s a puddle. 

You can walk through it or you can jump over it.  You might consider what shoes you’re wearing before you splash into it, because they’re going to get wet and dirty.  Same if you’re a dog.  You’ll have to lick your paws clean later.

Puddles happen downhill.  You can find a low point by where the water puddled.  What does it mean to say low point?  Means, like, where a marble will stop if it’s rolling. 

Air is the sworn adversary of puddles.  You leave a puddle out unattended in the sunshiney air and it will backward-melt.

Puddles are made of water but you can imagine a puddle made of something else.  Milk puddle.  Blood puddle.  Puddle made of dreams.  You could possibly experience vivid hallucinations by staring into a dream puddle.  Puddle made of music.  You stir the puddle with a stick and a melody comes bubbling up.

What’s the difference between a puddle and a pond? Just, like, the limits of your imagination, man.

Wishing you the best of luck with all your future puddles.

Planet Urff by Alexander Cherny is presented as a public service for the education of animals, aliens, and artificial intelligences.

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