Silver Sparks

Kaneia’s got to save the swamp dragons.

A multi-national pharmaceutical company is brutally harvesting red dragon salamanders at Trevian Bay, and barefoot 16-year-old Kaneia will go to drastic ends to stop it. Starting point: wake her marshwalking friend Jasper from the trance she laid on him ten years ago.

Kaneia and Jasper learn to communicate with the strange Silver Spark moths that glow in the dark but are invisible by daylight. But soon the moths are in the drug company’s gunsights as well. When they start dusting the bay with toxic chemicals, Jasper gives chase on a human-powered flying bicycle.

The corporate execs double down against this resistance. But the bay itself might have the final say about this drug project.

Silver Sparks is an upbeat, offbeat eco-adventure with a dash of first love and magic. If you liked Princess Mononoke or the Earthsea series, prepare to be delighted. J.S. Bowers’s second novel is a seaside roller coaster.

How do I join Kaneia and Jasper in their struggle to save the bay?

Silver Sparks will be available September 8!

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